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Demystifying Automator – Applications

In this next guide in our series on Automator, we're going to discuss the Application Document Type. We hope that this example, while fairly simple, will inspire you to create your own Automator Applications. … [Read More...]

How To Use Automator To Save Time and Work More Efficiently

In this multi-part guide we'll be talking about using Automator to help you learn to let your Mac do your work for you. We'll start with an overview and then a series of simple examples to help you get comfortable and give you some ideas on how you can put … [Read More...]

How To Change a File’s Default Application

Why Would I Want To Do This? When you open or access a file on your Mac, it tries to be smart and helpful and choose what it thinks is the most appropriate program to use with that file type. In most cases the default should be okay and acceptable but … [Read More...]

How To Hide Your Dashboard From Mission Control

Why Would I Want To Do This? One of my favorite features of the Mac OS X is the way it handles multiple desktops and manages the apps you have made full screen by placing them in their own desktop. Much like you can cycle through your running applications, … [Read More...]

Alfred or Spotlight – Finding A File’s Location

Why Would I Want To Know This? This guide is inspired by a reader question as well as a recent discussion I had about why I use the application Alfred. The question came to me as "I am using Spotlight to find files and while it will let me open them, I … [Read More...]

How To Create Keyboard Shortcuts With Snap

Why Would I Want To Do This? There is no shortage of ways to launch an application on your Mac. While you can add items to your dock for clicking or dig through your Applications folder, there is no substitute for a quick keyboard shortcut, a custom key … [Read More...]

How To Work With Multiple Running Applications

Why Would I Want To Do This? If you use your computer to do multiple things then chances are you are going to have different programs running to help you accomplish all that you need to do. A browser for Internet, maybe an email client, an RSS Reader, Word … [Read More...]

How To Clean Up Messy Text With TextWrangler

Why Would I Want To Do This? If you frequently receive text from others for use in your work or projects you probably find that it is often messy, containing extra spaces, misplaced caps, all caps or even no caps. Also, if you grab it from a web page or a … [Read More...]

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On Apple Announcements

I launched Zen and Mac only a week or so ago and am really still in a soft launch stage, filling in content, connecting systems, tweaking categories and design. We've gotten some publicity though, nice folks have pointed people here and I am grateful to them. … [Read More...]