How to Disable Your Caps Lock Key

Why Would I Want To Do This?

One of the biggest challenges I had when I first moved to Mac was accidentally pressing my caps lock key which I really never want to purposely do. I’m not sure if it’s the keyboard layout or what but I hated finding it activated and then needing to revert it back and redo my typing. I decided that since I don’t ever want to type in all caps that I would be much happier if the key just didn’t do anything at all. If you find yourself accidentally hitting the caps lock here is how you can do the same.

Note: While I don’t encourage people to modify computers that aren’t their own, feel free to do this for any friends or family who send you items in all caps. We’ll all thank you later.

Open System Preferences From Your Dock


Your Mac probably came with System Preferences in your dock – just click to get it open.

Or From Your Applications Folder


If you keep your Dock clean like me you may have removed it. It should still be in your Application Folder. (Note – your other apps will be different than what you see here)

Locate and Click On The Keyboard Preferences


Apple does a pretty good job of making your preferences easy to find so the setting we are looking for would be in the Keyboard area.

Click To Access Modifier Keys


OK, maybe they don’t always make it easy. The option we are looking for is available by clicking on the Modifier Keys button.

Override the Default Setting


The top option we see here dictates the behavior of the Caps Lock Key. Go ahead and click on the option to see your other choices.

Select the No Action Option


I like to have the button just do nothing so I choose No Action. You can set it to mimic another button but that would be weird so don’t do it.

Click OK


Save your changes by clicking the OK button.

Be Done


Two choices here:

  1. Click the Red Exit button to close out of your preferences and enjoy your new and much happier caps lock free life.
  2. If you are feeling brave click the Show All and look through some of your other System Preference Options. You have a lot of choices available to make your Mac more personal and work like you want it to.

Featured Image “Shift” by Robert S. Donovan made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License