On Apple Announcements

I launched Zen and Mac only a week or so ago and am really still in a soft launch stage, filling in content, connecting systems, tweaking categories and design. We’ve gotten some publicity though, nice folks have pointed people here and I am grateful to them. Today was a big day in Apple news and new visitors may be expecting information about that here when they arrive – I wanted to let you know why you won’t find it, but what I hope you will find instead.

Today Apple held their Worldwide Developers Conference and made several announcements about the future of Mac OSX, iOS and other miscellaneous hardware and application related items. It was the buzz of the Internet. Twitter was filled with folks live tweeting the event and many bloggers are hard at work on updates and stories galore, disecting every sentence, every slide, every nuance of the event.

I watched the event, I like to know what is coming and some of what they announced really interests me. But I don’t want to write about it, I don’t want to speculate on the flatness of the new icons, do a second by second recap of the new television commercials that they premiered. I don’t care about percentage growth in the mobile market blah blah blah. I want to get stuff done on my Mac and nothing announced today is relevant to that goal until these things are released later this fall.

Sure developer builds are available but they aren’t what you all are running, guides describing the addition of tags to finder won’t help you at all. So while I watch with interest, I still focus on what we have, the apps we use, the utilities that fill the gaps, the stuff that lets us do the things we want to do today – right now.

So Zen and Mac isn’t the place for that type of news. There are others who do it and do it well. The folks over at The Apple Blog have a nice piece about the AI robot cars or whatever was racing around the stage if that’s what you are in to. If you’re interested in the new OS X Mavericks, Apple offers this page with a preview. If you’re an iPhone user looking for what’s coming in iOS7 – Apple has you covered there as well. I could spend days rewriting all of these things based on the keynote and the screenshots but why? Me, I’m working on more guides and finding useful things to share with you, things that will help you now. When the time comes I’ll have guides about tabs in Finder and how hopefully they have made working with multiple displays easier – until then – we’ll need to find our Zen with what we’ve got.